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About Us

On August 11, 1952, Fraley Implement Sales opened their doors in Rushville, Indiana. Jack and Edythe Fraley had a Ferguson tractor dealership in Modoc, Indiana and had bought out Kirklin Motors, a local Cadillac and Massey-Harris dealer in Rushville.

Kimber Jack Fraley was the fifth eldest of thirteen children born to William and Olive Fraley in 1919 near Blair’s Mills, Kentucky. Jack’s father, known as Leslie, was a schoolteacher and worked in many other ventures to provide for his 9 children at the time. He grew produce and sold fertilizer, Star cars, and stoves.

Leslie understood the importance of a good education, but the local schools, some of which he taught in that were within walking distance of their home only offered a 6th grade level education. Leslie no doubt wanted his children to have the highest level of education possible in order to be able to provide a better life for themselves. Leslie searched for a farm to rent or purchase in Northern Kentucky or Southwest Ohio that had a school system offering a high school education. He finally succeeded and moved his family to a farm he rented near New Madison, Ohio in 1926. This gave his children access to the high school in Hollandsburg, Ohio. He and Olive had 4 more children after moving to Ohio.

Jack Fraley graduated from Hollansburg High School and then married Edythe Harris. She was from near Blair Mills, Kentucky too. Jack applied to serve in the Army during World War II, but was rejected due to an injury he received when he was 6 years old. He was kicked by one of the family’s mules and his leg was broken. Instead of going to war he worked in a factory in Dayton, Ohio building equipment for America’s “War Machine.”

By 1948, Jack and Edythe had 3 children - Judy, Lincoln, and Debra. About this time, Jack opened his first business selling Ferguson tractors and implements in Modoc, Indiana. The Massey-Harris tractor line was also added while in Modoc. Sometime in 1951 or 1952, Jack learned that the Massey-Harris dealer in Rushville, Kirklin Motors, wanted to sell their Massey-Harris dealership. Jack seized the opportunity. Jack and Edythe purchased land southeast of Rushville and built a 50’ by 100’ building. The doors to Fraley Implement opened in 1952.

At first, Jack did it all. He was the salesman, parts man, mechanic, and deliveryman. Edythe took some accounting training and became the bookkeeper for their business. Eventually Jack hired 2 mechanics, Ernest Cleland and Allen Gorrell. Allen eventually became their parts man for the next 31 years. Ernest worked at Fraley’s for nearly 20 years. We have been blessed with several long-term employees over the years including John Schlechtweg, Bob Jacobs, Virginia Sadler, and David Briar. All of them worked anywhere from 20 to 44 years with Fraley’s!

In 1954, Fraley Implement became Fraley Truck & Implement Inc. when GMC trucks were added to the list of equipment sold. Along the way, other lines of equipment were added including Gehl, Hesston, New Idea, Deutz, and many others.

In 1955, Jack partnered with Earl Schilling and the two began hauling Massey Ferguson tractors out of the factory in Detroit, Michigan. This business turned into Fraley & Schilling Trucking. Which currently has a fleet of over 400 tractors and trailers on the road today.

Jack’s son, Lincoln, who is better known as Link started working in the shop at a young age and was even driving semis across the country at 16. Just like Jack, Link had a knack for operating equipment. Link drove a truck fulltime as part owner for Fraley & Schilling for 18 years before returning to the day to day operations of Fraley Truck & Implement. Many of the blue Harvestor silos you see around the state were delivered and set by Link Fraley.

Just as Jack had done, Link got a good taste of working in parts, service, and sales. Eventually Link and his wife, Glenda (Geise) bought the business from Jack and Edythe in 1990. Both Jack and Edythe continued to work for the business.

In February of 1993, Jack had gone to Sulphur Springs, Indiana and purchased some equipment. The following Monday he returned to pick up his purchases in his Mack delivery truck. On the way back home on the north side of New Castle, Indiana Jack suffered a heart attack and passed away. A family friend had passed Jack at an intersection only minutes before and said Jack smiled and waved at him just like he always did with everyone he knew.

Over the years, Jack had helped many people in Rush County and the surrounding communities. Many people have commented on how he bought their animal at the 4-H livestock auction, helped them start their own business, was active in his local church, and even put up his own finances as collateral to help their family keep their farm during the tough financial times of the 1980’s.

With a history such as this, we are striving to carry on the family tradition of hard work, commitment, and Godly values with superior customer service, quality products, and outstanding employee’s.

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